Maybe we should have seen this coming in a town that loves catering to everyone?

The owners of Taylor Gourmet have bowed to public pressure and have decided to add a whole wheat bread option to their Italian hoagie-heavy menu, starting tomorrow, Sept. 1. Philadelphia natives Casey Patten and David Mazza have also decided to offer — and you might want to sit down for this one — mayonnaise and spicy brown mustard upon request. “This marks the first time Taylor Gourmet,” notes a just-issued Taylor Gourmet release, “will lift its moratorium on Mayonnaise & Mustard.”

I asked Patten via e-mail if any of his friends and family back in Philadelphia are rolling their eyes over Taylor’s new offerings. Certainly the duo has broken some Italian hearts back in Philly, right?

“My guess is both my grandparents are rolling over and over and over again in their graves about mustard, mayo and wheat bread,” Patten wrote back. “This is what people have been asking for so why wouldn’t we give it to our customers?”

In other Taylor news, the owners are preparing to open two more locations: One at 1910 14th St. NW, near T Street, and another in Merrifield. Patten says crews will start demolition work this week on the 14th Street location, formerly the Ruff & Ready Furnishings shop, and it should open in mid-November. The Merrifield space — part of the Mosaic project that will also include a Black Restaurant Group concept and another Matchbox outlet — is scheduled for an opening in the first half of 2012.