A news release attempted to spell out the rationale behind the name, but it fell sort of short total clarity, as Chris Shott over at Young & Hungry implied. So I called Josh Saltzman for more information.

The name, says Saltzman, has its roots back at the University of Michigan, from which both he and PORC partner Trent Allen graduated. “What happened was in college, there was a night when we were all getting obliterated,” Saltzman begins his story.

As happens during these binges, the conversation turned. . . well, surreal. “Someone brought up [the idea] if you were going to fight an animal, who would it be?” A mutual friend of the future PORCers suggested he could take a kangaroo in a boxing match, no problem.

For years, this became a recurring theme for their friend, Joe, who would return to the pugilistic subject on a regular basis, clearly having thought further on the matter. “They got no lateral movement,” Saltzman remembers Joe explaining as to why he would kick this theoretical marsupial’s behind.

The mythical Kangaroo Boxing Match “became indicative of those ridiculous conversations you have with friends,” Saltzman says. He forgot to add: “when drinking.”

The PORC partners hope Kangaroo Boxing Club will be a place to foster such conversations — whether or not they take on a life of their own. But there’s one more ripple to this long-running joke between old college friends.

Joe “suddenly passed last year,” Saltzman says. “It was a tragedy. . .We never figured out what happened.”

The name, the owner adds, “is a nice little homage to him.”