A viewer of “Top Chef All-Stars” on Wednesday suggested that the penultimate (nerd word alert!) episode was such a snooze because the show no longer has a villain. Au contraire, says Bonnie Benwick, the Post’s deputy editor over the Food section. If you pay attention to Twitter, she notes, folks are shoving D.C. chef Mike Isabella, he of the forthcoming Graffiato, into the villain category.

“Oh, yeah, people seem to be treating him as the villain this season, which I don’t fully support,” agrees Food editor Joe Yonan. “His personality on the show can certainly be cocky and maybe a little grating. And he got off on a really bad note, remember, in his own season. He made a really sexist comment. And I have to say, there was a tiny little flash of that last night when they introduced the chefs whose last meal they were cooking for.”

What’s your take? Is Mike Isabella a villain on “Top Chef” or just the closest thing to one now?

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