So there we were, squinting at printouts of the in-house data that supports our monthly and annual lists of the most-viewed Washington Post recipes online, and it hit us: A good number of the ones that were so popular in 2012 also floated to the top in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 . . . even 2004, long before we were sharing the results of such stats surfing.

We appreciate the fact that you, dear readers, stick with what you like — or at least follow well-established links and online referrals to dishes that others really, really like.

But this leaves less room to love the recipes that 2012 brought, curated so well by the stand-in recipe editor, Jane Touzalin.

Before we reveal your official favorites of 2012, then, here are staff picks limited to the recipes that were published last year. (Editor Joe Yonan has recused himself, having spent his time elsewhere.)

(Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Bonnie’s list (hmm . . . plenty of Dinner in Minutes options)

“Jewish” Apple Cake

Bay Ice Cream, pictured above

Israeli Couscous and Tuna Salad

Mussels Hoegaarden and Green Herbs

Orzo With Smoky Tomato Vinaigrette

Pan-Seared Shrimp With Sweet Soy-Ginger Glaze

Peach Saffron Jam

Pecan-Chocolate-Espresso Coffee Cake

Pork and Ricotta Meatballs

White House Kale Salad

Jane’s list

(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese

Spicy Braised Eggplant With Prunes

Lemon- and Honey-Flavored Chicken

Garam Masala Roast Chicken

Warm Salad of Slow-Roasted Tomatoes With Almonds

Plum, Yogurt and Tarragon Popsicles

Tomato and Smoked Salmon Pasta, pictured above, at left

Nutella Pudding With Hazelnut Crumble and Grappa Cream

Green Beans Tempura With Asian Dipping Sauce

Cider-Braised Cabbage With Apples and Pecans

(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Becky Krystal’s list

Fried Brussels Sprouts With Paprika-Spiked Dipping Sauce

Grilled Kimcheese, pictured above

A Gringo’s Ode to Mama Ninfa’s Green Sauce

“Jewish” Apple Cake

Lemon- and Honey-Flavored Chicken

Oaxacan Chocolate Cookies

Peach Saffron Jam

Pear and Chocolate Jam

Tart Apple Chutney

Thai Me Up Jam

Tim Carman’s list

(Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

Cuban Roast Pork, pictured at right

Roasted Brussels Sprout Agnolotti

Grilled Kimcheese

Orzo With Smoky Tomato Vinaigrette

Spinach With Duck Egg and Almonds (Nargessi)

Smoked Ribs With Fish Sauce and Palm Sugar Syrup

‘White’ Negroni

Grape-Nuts Ice Cream

Charles Phan’s Beef Jerky

Garam Masala Roast Chicken

At last, here’s the official list of most-viewed recipes online in 2012, submitted in reverse order to heighten the drama:

10. Basic Flatbread. A master baker uses a hot cast-iron skillet, four ingredients — and you’re impressed. From 2010.

9. Lemon- and Honey-Flavored Chicken. Hey! This main course-with-vegetables is from 2012, and it’s a keeper.

M&M Bars: You knew they’d figure prominently. (Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

8. Primanti Bros. Sandwiches. Pittsburgh was in the NFL playoffs in 2009, but we say this recipe became such a hit because twice-fried potatoes are built into the sandwiches, not just served on the side.

7. Slow-Roasted Beef. The year: 2008. The method: foolproof. From chef Jim Swenson, who was executive chef at the National Press Club.

6. Cheesecake Pecan Bars. Small rich bites, from BlackSalt executive pastry chef Susan Wallace (2011).

5. Panko-Crusted Cod. Stephanie Witt Sedgwick’s easy and classic 2009 way to bake fish fillets.

4. Anthony Bourdain’s Boeuf Bourguignon. This is pre-Travel Channel, pre-CNN, pre-Capital Food Fight Tony, circa 2004.

3. Georgetown Cupcake’s Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes. Another standout from that productive year: 2008.

2. Flaky Cream Cheese Pie Crust. From ace baker Rose Levy Beranbaum, who participated in a Chef on Call story in . . . you guessed it. (2008)

1. M&M Bars. Vienna baker Mary Lee Montfort’s one-bowl, retro contribution to our Holiday Cookies issue in 2011.

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