Preparing the Thanksgiving turkey can be intimidating. These recipes from our Recipe Finder will help ensure that your main dish will be exactly what the family is craving.

Roast turkey (istockphoto)

Easy Roast Turkey Breast A turkey breast is ideal for a small group and cooks much more quickly. *

Bourbon-Brined Smoked Turkey The mild flavor of turkey benefits from a woodsy infusion of light smoke in this recipe.

Butter Roasted Chestnut-and Thyme- Stuffed Turkey Frequent basting while open-roasting causes this turkey to turn golden brown.

Golden Roasted Turkey With Fresh Sage Pouring cognac between the skin and flesh of the turkey breast creates unexpected flavor. *

Herb-Crusted Roast (Butterflied) Turkey Keep it simple with this recipe, which focuses on a generous sprinkling of herbs and salt. *

Maple- Glazed Roast Turkey With Riesling Gravy Covering a turkey with a glaze of maple syrup and butter in the final 30 minutes of roasting results in a beautifully burnished, slightly sweet bird.

Peppered Roast Turkey This simple recipe uses butter, pepper and a bit of Madeira wine.

Roast Turkey This basic recipe explains how to slow roast a turkey. *

Roast Turkey With Mushrooms, Chestnuts and Gravy The mushroom and chestnut side is a star by itself.

Roasted Maple-Brined Turkey The brine can be made ahead of time, but the bird needs to be brined in the refrigerator before roasting.

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Open-Hearth Turkey

California Turkey

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* These recipes are gluten-free.