Some of the Food section's favorite recipes will soon slip between the covers of a hardback book and find a spot on a retail shelf near you. (Keith Srakocic/Associated Press)

And we need you, the public, to help make it happen.

Time Capsule Press is a West Coast outfit, founded by two former journalists, that repackages archival newspaper content. They were as keen to collaborate with The Washington Post as we were to gain a few extra elbows in making this project happen. This will be a hardback, full-color edition, with lists of local resources and input from past and current editors and writers.

We hope to include a broad swath of recipes (100 to 150) from all The Post Food section archives — including the ones that aren’t in our Recipe Finder database now. It won’t be the fabulously voluminous and comprehensive effort of, say, Amanda Hesser , but we’re hoping it will respect the food of Food for all these years.

Here’s where you come in: Let’s get your favorite old Food section recipes in this book. Tell us what they were, and we’ll track them down and clear paths for their inclusion as best we can. That way, this will be a recipe collection you can really use — or give to friends and family with D.C. ties.

Send an e-mail to or write us at Food, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. Or tell us about old Post recipes you’ve loved in the comments below.