Tim Carman resolves to give order to the chaotic dumping ground that is his freezer. For inspiration, he’s staring at David Hagedorn’s freezer, above. (Michael Temchine for The Washington Post)

During Wednesday’s Free Range chat, Food Editor Joe Yonan, fresh from his Meat Purge in Maine, asked readers which food resolutions they had made for the year. We received a number of thoughtful responses, such as the chatter who plans to “bring lunch to work as much as possible” and another who resolves to eat more veggies.

But what about the professionals? I wondered if I was the only one who had made a resolution for 2013. (Among other plans, I will finally create order out of the chaos that is my freezer; I will develop a more orderly system for storing meats, sauces, ice cream, leftovers, etc. I’m taking suggestions.)

So I conducted a quick survey, and here are the responses from some Food Section regulars.

Yonan: “I resolve to try to bring as many of the lessons of my year of homesteading into my urban life as possible. So, to keep DIY’ing as much as I can. Oh, and even though I’m typing this as I scarf down green curry vegetables from Fojol Bros. truck, I resolve to not eat at my desk.”

Deputy Food Editor Bonnie S. Benwick: “I resolve not to leave pots and pans in the sink (although it is a wide and deep one), and to limit the amount of science experiments growing in the fridge. These are not inconsequential efforts, and should make my husband do a happy dance.”

Food/Travel Editorial Aide Becky Krystal: “I’d like to better stock my freezer to have more ready-made meals. I’m also going to try really hard to not acquire any more cookbooks, and I want to cook more from the ones I already have.”

The Process columnist David Hagedorn: “Avoid duos and trios of anything in restaurants.”

Wine columnist Dave McIntyre: “Drink more Riesling! (But I always say that.)”

Now, back to you: What are your food resolutions for the New Year?

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