The Fourth of July is a memory now — unless, of course, you have leftovers, which, personally, I have tons still sitting in the fridge. Carrie and I rejected the traditional burgers and dogs on the grill this year — well, I did, and she kept a respectful silence over my love of Texas-style barbecue — and smoked a brisket for 10 hours. (A picture of the finished cut is after the jump.)

So what did you throw on the grill this Fourth of July?

This brisket, probably the fifth or sixth one I’ve smoked, was one of the better ones, the fatty end equally rich and smoky. The meat, I think, could still have taken another 45-60 minutes of smoke, to develop that “accordion” texture that I so love. But still...we weren’t complaining.

(Tim Carman/The Washington Post)