Choosing what to bake during the holidays offers limitless possibilities. So how do you choose a new recipe to add to your time-tested classics? Take our quiz here to see which type of holiday cookies suit you best (and find recipe suggestions), then flip through this season’s cookie guide for even more ideas.

View Photo Gallery: From thumbprints to exotic shortbread, our collection of holiday cookie recipes has something for everyone. This year, we’ve highlighted the handiwork of bakers with local connections.

For the serious baker, however, the choice of dough is just the beginning. Decorating can also turn into an anxiety-inducing production. “Top Chef” alum and Alchemy owner Carla Hall shared some of her wisdom on cookie decorating last holiday season. On top of making sure your dough is properly chilled, “The Chew” star says the important thing to remember is just to have fun. Watch the video below for a few decorating tips.

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