In the category of Very Prompt Responses, Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom just hollered at us on Twitter after my rant this morning about its Hannukah display:

“@washingtonpost The store has removed the matzo displays–color us embarrassed! Sincerest apologies if we offended anyone. Happy Hanukkah!”

To which we say: thank you, Whole Foods! A Happy Hanukkah to you, too.

Also, I readily acknowledge that people enjoy matzoh ball soup all year round, on account of its deliciousness and status as a comfort food. I also enjoy chocolate bunnies all year round, for similar reasons. This does not, however, make matzoh (and its symbolism) relevant to Hanukkah.

In related developments, it turns out certain latke recipes involve matzoh meal, which is news to this particular latke maker. #themoreyouknow.

For some tasty evidence, you can try one of the latke recipes after the jump, each of which includes matzoh meal.

Matzoh meal may be used in latkes, but that doesn't mean it's relevant to Hanukkah. (Jerry Errico for The Washington Post)

* Crisp Latkes

* Frankenstein Latkes

* Simple Matzoh Meal Latkes (from Serious Eats)

* Matzoh Latkes (from Martha Stewart)

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