Captain Cookie and the Milk Man — yes, a milk-and-cookies truck — will take part in next week's Trucktoberfest. (Tim Carman/The Washington Post)

The (for now) DC Food Trucks Association will be giving away the meals — one for each of the 50 trucks in the organization — as the Curbside Cookoff Punch Rock Sweepstakes grand prize during the Trucktoberfest event on Saturday, Sept. 22, at the new Union Market.

If there’s a catch to the prize, it’s this: You have to eat at each of the 50 trucks. You can’t just take your winning coupon book and treat your officemates to 50 lobster rolls from Red Hook.

Also: To be eligible for the grand prize, you’re going to have to shell out at least $26 and gobble a few calories.

The Punch Rock Sweepstakes is essentially a game of gastronomic bingo, and you first must buy a card. Representatives of Punch Rock will be selling cards at discounted prices via various food trucks next week. You can buy two for $1 or eight for $5. Check the DC Food Trucks Association’s Twitter feed for exact locations.

On the day of Trucktoberfest, cards will be available for $1 apiece. Once you have a card, you must get it stamped by five trucks (again, not the same truck five times) after making a purchase of $5 or more. Proceeds from the Trucktoberfest event will benefit D.C. Central Kitchen and the DC Food Trucks Association.

Completed cards will be available for the grand prize, as well as other giveaways.

To date, more than 40 trucks will be at the festival next week. They are:

* Basil Thyme!

* Mojo Truck

* Bayou Bros Cafe to Geaux

* Orange Cow

* BBQ Bus

* Pepe

* Big Cheese

* Pleasant Pops

* Borinquen Lunch Box

* Popped! Republic

* Cajunators


* CapMac

* Red Hook Lobster Pound-DC

* Captain Cookie and the Milk Man

* Rolls on Rolls

* Carnivore BBQ

* Sang on Wheels

* Chef Driven

* Sinplicity Ice Cream

* Chupacabra

* Sol Mexican Grill

* Curbside Cupcakes

* Something Stuffed

* DC Empanadas

* Stella’s PopKern

* DC Slices

* Stix

* El Floridano

* Sweetbites Desserts

* Feelin’ Crabby

* TaKorean

* Goode’s Mobile Kitchen

* Tasty Fried

* Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats

* Tasty Kabob

* Halal Grill

* That Cheesecake Truck

* Hula Girl Truck

* TOPS American Food

* Kabob Bites