NCB launched its third Education Nation summit today in New York City. Here are 10 great tweets about a range of issues that appeared on Twitter during a town hall with teachers moderated by anchor Brian Williams.

Education Nation ‏@educationnation

MT @webster 1 in 5 students in the US live in poverty, gap often falls on teachers to step up to encourage and support families #EdNatTTH

Sabrina Stevens ‏@TeacherSabrina

Correction- *165%* increase in amount spent on testing. In a time when US asks parents to pay for bus service & lays off teachers. #EdNatTTH

Education Nation ‏@educationnation

RT @Scholastic 71 percent of Americans say they have confidence in teachers, @bwilliams says to start the #EdNatTTH.

Nikhil Goyal ‏@nikhilgoya_l

StudentsFirst is handing out pamphlets. Don’t take them. They put students last -- no students on their board. #educationnation #ednattth

Liz ‏@losangelista

Someone give that teacher a standing ovation for mentioning that creativity is decreasing as testing emphasis increases. #EDNatTTH

Randi Weingarten ‏@rweingarten

done well, common core a good thing-prob is only assessments, not supports being developed now.“@TomAdler: @sharemylesson

Brian Crosby ‏@bcrosby

@rweingarten That word needs to get out. Common false statement that union rules stop teachers from staying late. What nonsense.

Rita Solnet ‏@ritacolleen

Brian Williams: Does Sidwell Friends in DC have standardized tests? Do they measure teachers on it? No, no. Why? @educationnation #ednatth

JackieGerstein Ed.D. ‏@jackiegerstein

Poverty is elephant in room not being discussed in terms of #edreform Message to billionaires is to provide wrap-around services #ednatth

Susan Sawyers ‏@SuSaw

“What our children need most is belief in their ability to succeed, standardized testing doesn’t do this.” ~a teacher of the yr #edNatTTH


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