Here’s the lead “story” from the new spring edition of a satirical Onion-esque publication designed for those of us who religiously follow education policy and choose to laugh rather than cry about it. The publication is called Education Tweak and it’s anonymously authored and published. The latest issue is the 21st; this and all the back issues are available at

From Education Tweak:

At a time when lawmakers are searching for ways to drive change and empower parents, a new proposal would allow California parents to force charter school operators to turn their schools into neighborhood schools.

The proposal builds on the state’s existing Parent Trigger law, which allows 51 percent of parents at schools with low test scores to force a district to turn that school over to a charter school operator. But according to New Parent Trigger organizer Sue Meyers, that law does not go far enough.

“What about parents in communities served by low-performing charter schools? We need help, too.”

“Our charter is awful,” Meyers said. “Teachers come and go before we even know who they are. Decisions are made by the school’s corporate headquarters. They have no teachers to help with special needs kids or English learners.”

Meyers spoke last night to a gathering or other concerned parents. “Why do parents have to stand idly by?” she asked. “Why can’t we have high-achieving, unionized schools like the rich people across town?”

Meyers says that the group is currently struggling to get financial backing. “We sought funding from the Gates, Broad and Walton Foundations, all of which generously supported the initial parent trigger policy initiatives. But they turned us down. I don’t understand why they don’t want to support us as well.”


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