Here are some tweets from the presidential debate on the subject of education (and one setting the record straight on the state really ranked No. 1 in public education):

Kenneth Bernstein ‏@teacherken

MA schools did not become #1 in the country while Romney was governor

Mother Jones ‏@MotherJones

As our Kristina Rizga found out in a yearlong investigation, US public school education is NOT in catastrophic decline.


#Truth RT @Lisa_Examiner: “Jim Lehrer would not last five minutes in a #DCPS classroom.”

Justin Hamilton ‏@justinhamilton

RT @DemocracyPrep: @arneduncan was the only cabinet secretary mentioned in #Debate2012. Well earned praise for bi-partisan reforms in #rttt

Diane Ravitch ‏@DianeRavitch

Romney and Obama both love Duncan and Race to the Top. Yikes

Stephanie Banchero ‏@sbanchero

#romney says he has NO plans to cut education funding. #DenverDebate Does Mr. Ryan know this?

Michael Petrilli ‏@MichaelPetrilli

Romney’s comments tonight are going to make it harder for him to cut #education spending if elected. @politicsk12 @edfunding

Sabrina Stevens ‏@TeacherSa brina

#VFTCdebate Mitt still not admitting that his #1 school system is highly unionized. #JustSayin

Dr. Mike Robinson ‏@DrMikeRobinson

@TedChambers @TeacherSabrina Maryland schools ranked number one — again

Greg Sargent ‏@ThePlumLineGS

Romney says he “loves great schools,” but the agenda he has embraced would deeply slash education

Mike Elk ‏@MikeElk

Obama cites Race to The Top claims it wasn’t Top Down approach, but it was federal money for union busting

Luke Zeller ‏@lukexplores

#VFTCdebate Effective education reform is complex work; how learning happens and can be promoted deserves more attention than it got.