Stuff you can’t make up: Deion Sanders, who has been cited for misdemeanor simple assault in connection with a domestic disturbance that resulted in the arrest of his estranged wife, is opening a public charter school in Texas. And at that school he wants to film a reality show about the way he coaches the football team.

Most school officials do their best to keep television cameras outside of their buildings, trying to avoid distractions. But not Sanders, who had successful careers in two professional sports, playing football for the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens and other teams, and playing baseball for the the New York Yankees and several other clubs.

The school, to be called Prime Prep Academy, is supposed to open for the 2012-13 school year in South Dallas. And Sanders has said he is working on a deal for a reality television show that could be lucrative for him, the charter school, or both, depending on his compensation arrangement.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the school already has set an ambitious football schedule for the coming school year.

Sanders has said that he came up with the idea to open a charter school when he was watching some kids at a youth athletic camp that he runs, and, as he told the Dallas newspaper, “I sat up in the top of the bleachers and said, ‘This would be wonderful if we would educate these kids. We could marry the two. Why can’t we do such a thing?”

Last year, the Texas Board of Education approved his application to open a charter school on two campuses, though there was concern expressed about the academic plan. The application said the schools would use an online curriculum management system that critics said has no research base.

Well, you can’t have everything.

Enrollment for the school — and, presumably, the football team — is under way.

According to my colleague Cindy Boren, the charge with which Sanders was hit covers any aggressive act — including touching or pulling away — and carries a fine of up to $500. His estranged wife, Pilar, spent Monday night in jail after being charged with misdemeanor assault. At her arraignment on Tuesday, Deion Sanders sought and won an order that bars her from their home for 50 days and from bothering him or any member of the family. She said she was innocent.


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