Correction: Searching the data base of the National Center on Education Statistics in different ways gives different numbers. There are more schools named after John F. Kennedy than the original post said. Given this, it is possible the numbers for other presidents are larger too. See below.

Once it was common for public schools to be named after U.S. presidents, past and present, but that tradition has in recent years become less common.

A 2007 report by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, which argued that school names tell us something about the civic life of the country, found the following about public school names in seven states, (which at the time enrolled 20 percent of all public school students):

*A majority of all public school districts nationwide did not have a single school named after a president. (School districts in the greater Washington area all have some schools named after presidents.)

*In Florida, which at the time had almost 3,000 public schools, five honored George Washington, while 11 were named after manatees.

*In the previous two decades, public schools built in Arizona were almost fifty times more likely to be named after such things as a cactus than a president.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are listed in its school search tool:

*More than 100 named after John F. Kennedy (and not 36 as initially reported here)

And at least:

*80 named after Dwight D. Eisenhower

*51 named after George Washington

*42 named after Abraham Lincoln

*39 named after Harry S. Truman

*22 named after Theodore Roosevelt

*19 named after James Madison

*17 named after John Adams and three after his son, John Quincy Adams

*12 named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt

*11 named after Barack Obama

*9 named after Lyndon Baines Johnson

*3 named after Bill Clinton

This is not an exhaustive list of presidential school names. You can search for public schools yourself at the National Center for Education Statistics, here.


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