This was written by educator Anthony Cody, who taught science for 18 years in inner-city Oakland and now works with a team of science teacher-coaches that supports novice teachers. He is a National Board-certified teacher and an active member of the Teacher Leaders Network. This post appeared on his Education Week Teacher blog, Living in Dialogue.

By Anthony Cody

The White House on Wednesday is holding the first ever Twitter Town Hall. Let’s make sure he gets plenty of questions from the teachers of America!

At 2 p.m. EDT, President Obama will participate in the first Twitter Town Hall at the White House to discuss the economy and jobs with Americans across the country. The entire event will be streamed live at WhiteHouse.gov/live.

Detailed instructions on how to participate can be found here.

Here are some of the questions I am tweeting (follow me on Twitter: @AnthonyCody):

1. When will you advocate low-stakes tests for the children of the nation, as you have at the [private] school attended by your daughters?

2. How can we inspire the creativity and collaboration we need when tests measure such a narrow range of information?

3. Race to the Top promotes pay & Teacher evals for test scores. How can this NOT encourage teaching to the test?

4. Research shows the 4 turnaround strategies promoted by DoEd are not working. When will we see some more creative approaches?

5. If you oppose teaching to the test, how come the Dept of Ed continues to mandate school closures based on test scores?

6. Given that research shows charter schools to be no more successful than public schools, why so much emphasis on their expansion?

7. If you honor the teaching profession, why have you allowed lower standards for entering?

8. When will you be putting on your comfy shoes to march with teachers to defend their right to collective bargaining?

9. How about joining the Save Our Schools march July 30th to show your support for our nation’s teachers and students?

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