Veteran educator Larry Ferlazzo collected on his blog a sampling of the best tweets with the #SaidNoTeacherEver hashtag. Here some of them and you can find the rest here.

I didn’t know my students’ abilities until I saw their standardized test score data!

Amanda Baumann

You know what we’re not doing enough of? Testing kids

John T. Spencer

RT @HowePrincipal:This classroom library has way too many books.

Becca Lee

Can’t wait for the next Michelle Rhee video that compares public education & olympics.

John Turnage

RT @Mr_Brett_Clark: “I wish the politicians were more involved in education. They really get it.”

Ely Santacruz

Wonder where I can get my hands on more student data.

Reading Exchange

I’m not feeling like I make a difference. I wish someone would give me a value added score to quantify why I matter.

John T. Spencer

When a former student recognizes you on the street and runs to hug you or say hi, that really gets old.

Eric Johnson

What we need is a pacing guide.

Bonnie Lesley

I had no idea you were texting, because it wasn’t obvious when you looked under your desk and then smiled suddenly.

John T. Spencer

This copy machine works great!

Jenn Longee

It’s lucky we don’t have teachers in charge of the education system.

Matt Esterman

Wow, these kids really calm down when it gets rainy.

John T. Spencer


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