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Try these 10th-grade quizzes created from Florida’s standardized test

Here are two quick quizzes that we have assembled for you to take with problems taken from a published version of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

One of the seven-question quizzes is for math, the other for reading, and both are at the 10th-grade level. It includes your score as you go and at the end. You are permitted to use a calculator and look up general equations (Pythagorean, volume of a sphere, etc.).

Why did we create these quizzes?

We decided to do this because of the enormous popularity of a guest post I published last week by educator Marion Brady about a school board member in Florida who decided to take the state standardized test.

He didn’t do so well, which you can read all about here. I then followed up with this post revealing who the school board member was and sharing an interview with him.

To take our math quiz, click here.

To take our reading quiz, click here.

You can find old versions or questions from your own state’s student standardized tests by going to the state Department of Education Web site and looking for the assessment sections.

For Florida, that would be here.

Here are some released questions from the California Standards Tests.

And here are some test samplers from New York’s Regents Exams and some past exams.

For Texans, here’s released tests from the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills and other state exams.

Washington D.C. residents can find some released items on the D.C. Comprehensive Assessment System here.

Some old Standards of Learning exams from Virginia are here.

And some released items from the Maryland School Assessment.

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