The picture on the right is Timothy P. White, chancellor of the University of California Riverside as he regularly appears to students, staff and faculty.

The picture on the left is Timothy P. White, chancellor of the University of California Riverside, undercover.

White will appear on Undercover Boss at 9 p.m. May 1 on CBS as he pretends to be just a regular guy on the campus of the 20,000-student university, the first academic institution to ever be featured on the show.


With cropped hair, a mustache and an earring — all big changes from his everyday appearance — White did jobs on campus that he would never ordinarily do. He worked, for example, as a track coach and taught a class, fumbling with the audiovisual equipment.

White said the experience changed him, according to the school’s website:

“Seeing the campus from the inside out only strengthened my respect for the way a public research university changes lives and creates value every day. I was moved and changed as a person and as a leader by the level of dedication of our students, staff and faculty.”

One thing he most certainly accomplished was getting publicity for his school!


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