All you need to know about why the University of Virginia governing board needs a serious shakeup can be found in an interview that my colleagues did with the school’s president, Teresa Sullivan.

If you don’t know about the leadership crisis at the university this summer, read this. If you do, move right ahead to this story, by reporters Donna St. George and Jenna Johnson, which says about Sullivan:

Pressed several ways, she said she does not know what precipitated the effort to force her out.

What? It’s bad enough that Dragas, who started the 18-day leadership crisis by telling Sullivan she should resign because nearly all of the governing board wanted her gone, hasn’t told the public what she was up to. But things are worse than that: Sullivan says she still doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, as I wrote in this post, Sullivan is supposed to be playing nice with the governing board that messed up bigtime and still hasn’t explained itself to her.

It’s well past time for this board to go.


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