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The pushback is getting stronger in Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana and other states.

Test uestion 1 on the first-grade test is based on the New York Common Core Standard, 1.OA4: Understand subtraction as an unknown-addend problem. (Really.)

What, exactly, is the meaning of success when it comes to the Common Core?

A new study says most states have not aligned their math high school graduation requirements or course of study with the Common Core Standards.

Major education organizations say teachers and students aren't ready.

Trying to openly oppose the Common Core by amending state code is extremely difficult. Cutting the legs out from under it in the budget does not appear to be.

Why claiming that a majority supports, believes, or conforms to X, Y, or Z is a shaky claim at best, and a likely flawed one at worst.

Indiana is postponing implementation of the Common Core initiative so that there can be more discussion on the quality and impact of the standards.

AFT president Randi Weingarten says high-stakes tests are unfairly being given to students before teachers have had time to properly absorb and create curriculum around the Common Core standards.

How the Common Core State Standards initiative violates basic business principles

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