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More than 40 district leaders in Illinois say they aren't ready to administer the test.

'Forcing phonics-based reading on kindergartners as a standard they must all meet to be on the path toward college and career readiness is counterproductive because it’s developmentally inappropriate for many 5-year-olds. '

Teacher tells school board why she won't give a mandated standardized test. Read the testimony. Watch the video.

Arne Duncan said they would be "game-changing" in public education. It didn't turn out that way.

She is believed to be the first teacher on Long Island publicly refusing to administer the tests.

Read the full list of Core kindergarten standards. Early childhood experts say they do not take into account the fact that students develop at different rates.

He challenges New Jersey Board of Education members to take it.

The Common Core standards for kindergarten require kids to learn how to read, even though many kids aren't developmentally ready.

'Why the PARCC harms citizenship education.'

"Dear Members of Governor Christie’s PARCC Task Force: ... Can you truly look me in the eye and tell me with a straight face that this is an appropriate task for our children?'

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