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Here's an open letter about Cuomo's plan to evaluate teachers, which is extreme when compared with that of other states.

The Obama administration supports it -- despite warnings from assessment experts.

It seems impossible but it isn't.

'Until we shift our measures of school and teacher performance from student outputs to school and teacher inputs, we will unfortunately continue to make bad policy decisions.'

Tweets on what teachers do that can't be judged by test scores.

The report is based on a controversial way of evaluating effective teaching. And the findings should give reformers pause.

How obsessive have school reformers been with linking student standardized test scores to the evaluations of adults in school buildings?

The Council for Exceptional Children has issued a new position paper that rejects the use of "value-added" systems that link evaluations of teachers -- especially those in the field of special education -- to student standardized test scores and says they are cause "for concern."

A Massachusetts teacher sees her "value-added" grade plummet from one year to the next. Why? Because her students changed. She writes about why her evaluation is unfair.