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The new PISA results are in.

Here's why.

A sampling error in the U.S. administration of the most recent international test known as PISA resulted in average scores being lower than they should have been, according to a new report that questions just how much these international exams reveal about American public education.

There's a small but decisive factor that is often forgotten in discussions of international reading test scores: differences in orthography across languages. Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham explains why this factors into test results.

What must be the best analysis so far of the newly released results of international reading, math and science exams comes from the University of Oregon's Yong Zhao, who tells us that numbers only tell the truth when people use them in a truthful way.

Here we go again. New international test scores were released today and their meaning are in the eye of the interpreter. Here are some headlines from different new sites with some different takes on the results -- and one headline you didn't see but should.