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'Labels that originally signified progressive ideas continue to be (mis)appropriated... with the result that they're now invoked by supporters of "bunch o' facts" teaching or a corporate-styled, standards-and-testing model of school reform.'

He's got the wrong diagnosis -- and the wrong cure.

Scholar Mike Rose examines and dismantles the assumptions about teaching and learning that underlie reforms such as No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top.

They both embraced standardized testing but there is at least one big difference.

'If we all agree that a given principle is true, then why in the world do our schools still function as if it weren’t?'

'We are likely to find that the problems of housing and education...will themselves be affected if poverty is first abolished'

How the federal government can exercise its proper authority in education policy.

A letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo about his education policies resonates beyond the state of New York.

They help tell the 2014 education reform story.

If reformers 'really cared about data, wouldn’t they make sure that the data they are using to drive their decisions is accurate?' And 11 more.

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