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Here's what the MIT researcher says -- and a response from ETS.

Despite critics who argue the cost isn't worth the benefits, the research is clear. High-quality universal preschool does provide worthwhile long-term benefits for kids.

A cautionary tale about university 'research.'

A research study about research studies comes up with a cautionary finding.

There's a big gap between the two.

New meta-analysis finds that more time practicing something doesn't always help you learn how to do it well.

It is easy to conclude that research and practice in education are like similarly charged particles—destined to repel each other. Here's a way to change that dynamic.

For example, there is an almost 100 percent correlation between the divorce rate in Maine and the per capita consumption of margarine in U.S.

Researchers say youngsters who move a lot may have an increased risk of developing psychotic symptoms by the preteen years.

Politics trumps the evidence anyway when it comes to ed policy-making.

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