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Teachers criticize Gov. Cuomo's proposed education reform that they say target their profession.

A teacher selects his favorite tweets of the year so far this year.

A teacher explains.

'When our system treats teachers with disdain, creating accountability measures whose underlying premise is that teachers are so incompetent and lazy that they need to be monitored rigidly, strictly and incessantly, at what point does that myth become corrosive to a teacher’s humanity?'

He was working in a D.C. school when it happened.

Here's an open letter about Cuomo's plan to evaluate teachers, which is extreme when compared with that of other states.

Due to budget cuts, 'we are not able to have a full-time librarian, art teacher, technology teacher or music teacher. This means our schedules are limited and cannot be arranged for what is best for students. '

Is this agonized self-doubt found across most professions? Is there a dentist blogging out there whose most popular post is “Are You A Bad Dentist?”

These gifts are tied to learning and the application of skills that aren’t often incorporated into standardized instruction—such as kindness, assertiveness, and joy.

Teachers are inundated with things to do in the classroom that take them away from the real stuff of teaching, an educator says.

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