Thousands of people will be joining us Sunday for an afternoon of hijinks, shenanigans and general confusion. That’s right, it’s the fifth annual Post Hunt, the game of brainteasing puzzles create by the disturbing minds of Dave Barry, Tom Shroder and Gene Weingarten. Don’t know how to play? We explain the game here.

(Illustration by Kagan McLeod)

1. There’s a new location

We sought new digs after Freedom Plaza became Occupied territory. This year you’ll find the main stage at Franklin Square Park, which is bordered by 13th/14th Streets NW and K/I Streets NW. The game kicks off at noon sharp, but you should get there a bit before that to scour your copy of The Washington Post Magazine and get the lay of the land. Metro track work this weekend is no excuse — just make sure you budget enough time.

2. You’re going to need some stuff

You’ll want to show up with some teammates in tow, a copy of The Washington Post Magazine (we’ll have them ready to hand out if you forget), a pen or pencil, and a cell phone. Wandering around the neighborhood in search of clues requires a fair amount of walking, so wear comfortable shoes.

3. There’s a prize!

Somehow we always forget to mention that the winning team will take home $2,000 and an embarassingly enormous cardboard check. But they will! So if good times and good weather aren’t enough to get you out there, now you have financial incentive.

4. The answer is always a number

Need we say more?

5. We’ll make you famous

Okay, probably not. But if you include the #PostHunt hashtag on your tweets, they’ll show up here. Happy Hunting!

If you can’t make it down to join the Post Hunt, you can follow along here: