Enormous bowling pins. A kayak and a pile of poop. Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” on an endless loop. How else would you want to spend a Sunday afternoon?

The Hunt: Now with a bigger pile of poop (JUANA ARIAS/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Team Nogganawhin came to the contest with low expectations. After all, their team name (sounds like “not gonna win”) was a bit defeatist. Named the team too soon, it seems: the group took home the grand prize. “We really had no illusions about our chances," said John Mackedon, who served as the team's leader. "We didn't expect to win, ever, so it's such an amazing turn of events for us ... I'm literally shaking a little bit."

Members of the winning team rejoice. (JUANA ARIAS/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

As for what they will do with the $2,000: "We're going to subsidize a local watering hole. That's going to be our first expenditure," he said.

Shroder (former editor of The Washington Post Magazine), estimated that about 12,000 people participated.

View Photo Gallery: Thousands of people flooded downtown Washington on June 3 to play the fifth annual Post Hunt, a game of brainteasing puzzles designed by Dave Barry, Tom Shroder and Gene Weingarten.

"It's just a nice, nerdy way to have fun," said 25-year-old Emma Roach, a budget analyst from Bethesda and member of "Team Sunny" (a nod to the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”)

On its face, the challenge is simple: Correctly analyze puzzles set up across downtown Washington. The answer to each one is a number. Match those numbers to clues in the magazine. Use those clues as you embark on the so-called End Game.

In practice, it is somewhat more complicated.

Liz Kepferle, a former education administrator from Alexandria, and her daughter, 15-year-old Margaret Gorguissian, struggled to make sense of a bizarre skit involving a mouse, a fox holding a torch and a man cursing and rolling around in a desk chair. Were the animals meant to represent a computer mouse and the Web browser Firefox, the cursing man a cursor on a computer screen? And what did that mean?

"I don't really have a clue yet," Kepferle said, laughing.

Congratulations to our winners:

First Place: Team Nogganawhin:

Phil Spector, 35, of Washington

Sabita Soneji, 35, of Washington

John Mackedon, 34, of Washington

Mark Cackler, 57, of Falls Church

Timothy Bouley, 31, of Washington

Madalina Cristoloveanu, 31, of Washington

Kris White, 29, of Washington

Sean Sharifi, 30, of Vienna

Nicole Mechem, 32, of Washington

Damon Taaffe, 35, of Arlington

Alva Kretschmer, 27, of Washington

Patricia Van de Velde, 27, of Washington

Second Place: Team Ashley’s Birthday

Jon Rosen

Joel Garcia

Mike Beirne

Andrew Seidman

Stacy Carmichael

Graham Phillips

Ashley Newman-Owens

Third Place: Team Culbertson

Tim Valadez

Terri Culbertson

Theresa Crockett

Ebony Johnson

Omer Boirier


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