Adele won best British album of the year during the BRIT Music Awards in London last month. (DYLAN MARTINEZ/REUTERS)

British tabloid the Sun has unearthed footage of some of Adele’s earliest performances (and, as all stars surely dread, photos from her awkward teenage years), and it’s easy to see her incredible potential.

Adele was enrolled at the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology — which also matriculated the late Amy Winehouse, Kate Nash, and the band the Kooks. A friend said he always saw a bright future for his classmate Adele.

“Some people were that step above everyone else. And Adele was one of them,” the friend, Allan Rose, told The Sun.

In the series of clips, we see Adele playing an acoustic guitar, joking around with her friends and singing an early version of “Daydreamer,” a song that appeared on her debut album — proving that she’s always had a powerful set of pipes.