Fusion cuisine takes on clever new meaning in a short animated film that went viral Tuesday. The three-minute film entitled “Hitch” features a British narrator (who calls himself George Kaplan, a nod to director Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”) flipping through an imaginary cookbook titled “The Ultimate Hitch Cookbook.” He gives tongue-in-cheek recipes for Hitchcock’s classic films, suggesting cooking times of “108 minutes” and ingredients like “fear” “dry wit” and “cameos.” The animated short is part book trailer, part cinematic commentary, couched in foodie lingo and inventive animation.

Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco, and Torsten Strer, three German film students at the University of Hannover, wrote and produced the film. It went viral after Laughingsquid.com, a culture and technology website, posted the video.

The film concludes with a famed Alfred Hitchcock quote, which might have been its inspiration: “For me, cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.”