(Screengrab, “Miracle on 42nd Street,” YouTube.)

All I want for Christmas is a shirtless member of her majesty’s armed forces:

Sailors on HMS Ocean were originally deployed only for seven weeks — but they were diverted to Libya and other operations, extending their work to 7 1 / 2 months. When they found out they’d be home for Christmas, they made this Mariah Carey video, which warmed the heart of Mimi herself: “You guys just made my day! Happy Happy Christmas!!! x0x0 to the troops,” she tweeted.

All I want for Christmas is a unisex red leotard:

One Girl. One Guy. One take. Two tiny, skintight red leotards. Some serious dance moves. That’s all there is to “Miracle on 42nd Street,” a Mariah lip-synch video made by two talented dancers.

All I want for Christmas is for bewildered strangers to stare at me:

Preston Leatherman, who has surely read our guide to ugly Christmas sweaters, busts out the jazz hands in two Nashville shopping malls. “The best way to spread Christmas glee, is by dancing in public for all to see!” he writes.