Through the three books, all bestsellers, Condie has followed Cassia’s struggles against the Society, a suffocating realm where Officials deny everybody any real choice in life. They pick who you love, where you work, what you read and, in the end, when you die.

It’s sort of Ray Bradbury (Condie grew up a fan) and sort of “The Hunger Games,” as Cassia, Ky and Xander fight to overthrow the realm and gain what western society is based on — free choice.

This isn’t the real end, of course. Disney has optioned “Matched,” so there’s time to think on how all of this should play out on screen instead of on the page.

Condie is on a hectic tour — Miami on Wednesday, Bethesda on Thursday, Raleigh, N.C., on Friday — but she’ll read, answer questions and sign books. She’s a former high-school english teacher, so expect things to have a certain order. Though, you know, not Order. You’ve still got a choice.