Diehards like to brag about having seen their favorite rock bands
perform in unrelenting thunderstorms. Will Animal Collective fans who
turned out for the band’s Tuesday night gig at Merriweather Post
Pavilion brag about having seen them wail away in a mysterious mist?

It was colorful on stage and misty above it when Animal Collective performed at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Tuesday night. (Photo by Chris Richards)

The experimental pop foursome culled heavily from its new album “Centipede Hz,” performing those buzzy, chattering songs beneath a set
of hulking, jagged pincers. Abstract video projections scrambled on an
asymmetrical movie screen behind them. In the foreground, there were
rows of giant teeth that lit up in different colors, making the band
appear as if they were performing inside a gaping cartoon maw.

When I interviewed him for Monday's Washington Post profile, Animal Collective's Brian Weitz told me that countless hours went into the design and construction of this set. Their hard work made the concert
look stunning. The weather made it feel magical.