Leah Kauffman, who wrote and sang “I Got a Crush on Obama,” in her new video. (Screenshot, YouTube)

Reddit users are encouraging people to stay away from movie theaters this weekend, which is traditionally one of the biggest box-office weekends of the year. The film industry is a big supporter of SOPA, a bill that would empower law enforcement to shut down sites hosting pirated content. Though the bill is targeted at foreign sites, its opponents worry that it could kill some of the most popular sites on the Internet.

Another tactic to combat SOPA is in line with what the Internet does best: Spreading viral videos and catchy tunes. One is by Leah Kauffman, who wrote and sang “I Got a Crush on Obama,” the video that went viral after it was lip-synched to by the woman who became known as “Obama Girl.”

Kaufman does her part with “Firewall (Don’t Let Our Government Ruin the Internets),” in which she dances with a man dressed as the Internet and implores him not to put up a firewall, asking “What is this, China?”

Post reporter Hayley Tsukayama wrote about a British rapper, Dan Bull, who created “SOPA Cabana,”about an old man telling his grandchild about what it was like back in the day when the Internet was free. Tsukayama writes that Bull crowd-sourced the lyrics from his Twitter followers, asking them to take photos of themselves holding up signs with the lyrics: 86 people and one cat appear in the video.

The House Judiciary Committee said that it will delay any further debate on the act until after Congress returns from winter recess. That’s plenty of time for opponents to create more viral videos.