Bet you don’t see this kind of loving care in the making of a Kindle. “Birth of a Book” is a short film made for the Telegraph by Glen Miller that follows a limited edition book through the printing and binding process. The book was produced by Smith Settle Printers, a traditional bookmaker.

At Smith Settle, you can see that the books are indeed handmade, even with an assist from presses and machines. The book in the film is “Mango and Mimosa,” by Suzanne St. Albans, and the rhythm and repetition of the machines and workers is captivating.

Books — the tangible kind, not the electronic kind — have been catching the eye of filmmakers lately. Spike Jonze and Olympia Le-Tan collaborated on a short stop-motion film about book covers that come to life. Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife, Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp, made another stop-motion tribute to the printed word in a film about dancing books.


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