(Screengrab, Best Buy)
Best Buy, in particular, is running a terribly callous series of commercials called “Game On, Santa,” in which obsessed female shoppers purchase the gifts that their loved ones really want at Best Buy and then wait up on Christmas Eve to accost Santa Claus in their living rooms and gloat that they’ve already beat him to the punch. In your face, you outdated fat man with your outdated presents!

Are ad companies all naughty and no nice this year? From a roundup of some Christmas ads, it seems to be so. Which company should get the most coal in its stocking for its blatant bah-humbuggery? Take a look at these mean commercials and decide for yourself:

Best Buy’s race with Santa:

Wal-Mart’s crossed-out list:

Target shoppers smugly proclaiming “DONE”:

Another Best Buy “Game On, Santa”:

Lexus celebrates the Lexus theme song*:

*Sample comment: “THIS is why the ‘1%’ need to be killed, cooked, and eaten.”

Which deserves the Scrooge award?

Now, to wash away the Scrooges this season, here are two that bring out the best of the season. This one comes from across the pond:

And here my personal favorite from my childhood. It’s for a local restaurant chain in Pittsburgh. My parents say that when I was a toddler, I used to ask to watch it as if it were a show. What’s your favorite Christmas commercial?