Which one is Bonny Bear?

Many of them thought that the winner was named “Bonnie Bear,” and their plaintive “Who is Bonnie Bear?” tweets were catalogued by the blog “Who is Bon Iver?” Bonnie Bear is actually an educational cartoon for preschoolers, and once the internet discovered her, commenters descended on Bonnie Bear’s YouTube page, mock-congratulating the overall-wearing teddy bear on her Grammy win. But now, the mix-up has taken a turn for the weird: Bonnie Bear has invited Bon Iver to collaborate on a song.

“Bonnie Bear and all her friends at BabyFirstTV congratulate you, Bon Iver, on your Grammy win!” said Bonnie Bear’s representative from BabyFirstTV. “We would be delighted to invite the band to sing along with Bonnie Bear and her best friend, Mr. Gramophone, on BabyFirstTV where she paints beautiful pictures and teach [sic] young children about the world around them.” Bonnie Bear also sends along the message that she will forward any of Bon Iver’s email directly to the band as there’s been quite the mix-up as of late. Bonnie Bear’s mail can be forwarded to www.babyfirsttv.com

So, there you have it. Make it a triple-collaboration with Bon Joviver — a parody band formed to spoof the mix-ups between the band and Bon Jovi — and the entire internet’s head would explode. Could the whisper-voiced Justin Vernon soon be teaching children about shapes? Could Mr. Gramophone meet his distant cousin, the gramophone-shaped Grammy trophy? Indie music and children’s TV can be surprisingly good matches — check out this OK Go/”Sesame Street’ collaboration.

As for whether Bon Iver will be taking Bonnie Bear up on her generous offer: We’ve passed it along to the band’s reps, and we’ll update this post when we hear back.