From “Toy Story” to the museum: Buzz Lightyear, shown here with his cohort Woody, joins the National Air and Space Museum. (Disney Enterprises)

Buzz was a passenger in 2008-09 on the international space station and was transported back and forth on the shuttle Discovery. True to his scene-stealing character, the flown Buzz has beaten the shuttle to Washington by weeks. Discovery is due to join the much-larger artifacts at the Smithsonian on April 19.

The toy, first introduced in 1995 and inspiring a series of spin-offs, was named after Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. In space Buzz had to work, joining a series of education demonstrations.

Voiced in the award-winning “Toy Story” movies by Tim Allen, Buzz was donated by the Disney-Pixar group and NASA. Buzz will be part of the museum’s “Moving Beyond Earth” gallery.