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“Hamlet” : “The production’s conceit is inherently problematic: A psychotic Hamlet who is imagining a nightmarish soap opera is, after all, less interesting than a Hamlet who is acting, reacting, and failing to act in the face of real disillusionment, grief and moral quandaries.” — Celia Wren.

“Blanche: The Bittersweet Life of a Prairie Dame” : “When you hear this wry, spirited, suffering-tested woman speak and laugh, you can almost understand the need for a theatrical tribute.” — Celia Wren

View Photo Gallery: This year’s festival offers another grab bag of DIY theater — from clowns to cabarets to steampunk ballets.

“Aaaaaagh! Murder!” : “The show is a parody of Agatha Christie-style parlor mysteries, but it’s hard to see what this play was trying to accomplish that “The Real Inspector Hound,” Stoppard’s parody of the same, hadn’t done already.” — Maura Judkis

“Mein Kampf” : “Tabori, a Hungarian-born playwright, screenwriter and director who died in 2007, used irony and burlesque like cudgels in the play, but effectively.” — Jane Horwitz

“Thomas is Titanic” : “It’s simultaneously mortifying and hilarious, and the fact that Thomas Choinacky has chosen to reveal them to us shows that he is either very foolish or very brave (or that those are two sides of the same coin).” — Fiona Zublin

“Where in the World? The Untold Story of Camilla Sanfransisco” : ”There’s no audience participation, so if you brushed up on your world capitals in advance of this show, prepare to leave as one disappointed gumshoe.” — Rebecca Ritzel

“Tent of Dreams: An Occuplay” : “With a stagy and lurching presentation, and a script that’s less a story than a primer on Occupy culture, the production is likely to get the Down Twinkles hand gesture from many theatergoers.” — Celia Wren

“Stopgap” : “At times, “Stopgap” lapses into excessive verbosity, and as a result, the piece can feel as if it’s treading water. Still, it remains a solid showcase for a strong ensemble.” — Peter Marks

“Singlemarriedgirl” : “The play, adapted from Laurel Spears’s blog “Adventures of a Single Married Girl,” borrows a generous amount of dialogue from the site.” — Erin Williams

“We Tiresias” : “Chris Stinson... This preternaturally self-assured young actor, making his festival debut, reminds you that pleasant surprises occur wherever footlights are switched on.” — Peter Marks

“The Play About the Coach” : “Watching actor/playwright Paden Fallis perform this mini theatrical tornado is akin to watching a train wreck, but in a good way — a desperate, funny, sweaty, can’t-look-away train wreck.” — Jane Horwitz

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Via Twitter, some #fringereviews:

#Ais4Artist was 1st disappointment of #capfringe12. Good premise/effort couldn’t save undeveloped script and plot. #FringeReviews

— Matthew Conboy (@northshorepa) July 22, 2012

#TentofDreams #OccuPlay grasps heart of #Mcpherson. #OccupyDc watches itself on stage. #meta bit.ly/Oh5aQG #fringereviews

— Cool Revolution (@cool_revolution) July 22, 2012

See MINDSET for the wisdom of these high schoolers. They know what it is to be an artist. And what stops creation. #fringereviews

— Danielle Mohlman (@DanielleMohlman) July 22, 2012

Clown Cabaret’s Delusions of Grandeur: sweet, smart, and lots of laughs. Should you go? That’s a #ClownQuestionBro. #FringeReviews

— theaterquette (@theaterquette) July 25, 2012

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