Fringe theaters are dark today, but that means it’s a good day to catch up on reviews. Here’s what our critics saw this weekend:

“Cabaret XXX: Love the One You’re With” : “Embarking on a Capital Fringe Festival experience in the company of the lusty womenfolk of ‘Cabaret XXX: Love the One You’re With’ is like starting your day with two triple espressos and a rack of racy magazines.” — Peter Marks

View Photo Gallery: This year’s festival offers another grab bag of DIY theater — from clowns to cabarets to steampunk ballets.

“The Outcasts of Poker Flat” : “Prospective Fringe audiences should expect nothing more from this light folk opera than what it seems.” — Robert Battey.

“The New and Improved Stages of Grief” : “It’s as if by making light of the subject and bouncing from short sequence to short sequence, [Mary Carpenter] can avoid the long, dark night of the soul.” — Fiona Zublin

“Domino’s Pizza Saved my Life” : ”[Dylan Fresco] has a way of bringing the past to life and transforming frightening situations into tales that had audience members snorting with laughter.” — Stephanie Merry

“Young Republicans” : “D.C. loves political humor; the more you know about something, the funnier it is. But it’s harder to write for a D.C. audience than for any other.” — Fiona Zublin.

“Fallen Angels” : “[Michael] Oberhauser’s style lies between music theater and opera, with a tonal harmonic palette and fairly straightforward metrical style but just enough dissonance and challenging vocal writing to keep the ear interested.” — Charles T. Downey

“The Mercy Seat” : The characters in ‘The Mercy Seat’ are so unrelentingly nasty to one another that you want to leave the theater and hug a stranger.” — Fiona Zublin

As always, you can find all of our reviewed shows in the theater section. We’ll be serving up more shows from this weekend throughout the day.

Twtter critics offer up some of their #fringereview takes on this weekend’s shows:

Dr Science was funny, thought provoking and so true. Because what would it be like without science? #FringeReviews #capfringe12

— Matthew Conboy (@northshorepa) July 14, 2012

”What? It’s not Glee?” is not a smooth journey but finds some entertaining moments along the way. #CapFringe12 #FringeReviews

— Patrick Pho (@dmbosstone) July 16, 2012

THE BRONTES. Plain poor obscure punks rock their hearts out. Too bad about TB. But, Byronic heroes for the win! #capfringe12 #fringereviews

— Jenn Larsen (@drinksdrama) July 14, 2012

Gorgeous Raptors was good. The drunk scene will make you laugh, and then your jaw will be on the floor in shock #fringereviews

— Mangi (@theblackdog2071) July 14, 2012

RT @hanvnah: Also I loved We Tireseus. @playwrightsteve has the magical ability to weave stories into active webs. #FringeReviews #capfr ...

— Matthew Ripa (@thegrimripa) July 16, 2012

A note on these #fringereviews — so far, they’ve been overwhelmingly positive. Which is great if you really loved the show, but what about the shows that are duds? #Fringereview critics — tell us the good AND the bad.