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“Girls Who Think They’re Hot” : “A loud, Hawaiian-shirted girl, Skrunk, comes on the scene and declares that she is, indeed, hot, and if you’re game enough to come back to her art-filled den, you can be too. We later learn she’s part of a scam to push the so-thought of drug of surrealism on unsuspecting kids, but for now, Poppy begins to take an interest.” — Erin Williams

View Photo Gallery: This year’s festival offers another grab bag of DIY theater — from clowns to cabarets to steampunk ballets.

“The Brontes” : “Set to the bluegrass and rock-inflected compositions of Steve McWilliams and Debra Buonaccorsi, ‘The Brontes’ is an impressive vehicle on which to travel into Dizzy Miss Lizzie’s imagination.” — Peter Marks

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Via Twitter, some #fringereviews (which have also made it into the print edition!)

Fallen Angels: Swiftly twisting music, integrated in well composed scenes, The ladies shine and sparkle, orch lends a hand #fringereviews

— Sean Pflueger (@smpflueger) July 17, 2012

”Every Fringe Show You Want To See” knows the core Fringe audience and plays it perfectly to them. #CapFringe12 #FringeReviews

— Patrick Pho (@dmbosstone) July 18, 2012

#BEERTOWN: great fun and very funny. Compared to my last ANC meeting Beertown had more participants, warmth, and baked goods. #FringeReviews

— theaterquette (@theaterquette) July 18, 2012

According to Fringe HQ, this year’s shows have sold 14,089 single tickets and 1,772 multi-passes. They’ll also be giving out free water today at the notoriously sweltering venues Bedroom, Redrum, the Shop and the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent, due to temperatures that the Capital Weather Gang says will reach more than 100 degrees. We’ll be under a heat advisory well into the programming time of many Fringe shows, until 9 p.m.