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“The Every Fringe Show You Want To See in One Fringe Show Fringe Show” : “You don’t have to be a seven-year veteran audience member to get the self-referential jokes of “The Every Fringe Show You Want to See in One Fringe Show Fringe Show” because it sticks to some basic and not very insidery punch lines: The theaters are hot and sweaty! Many male actors are gay! Fringe shows are wackier than normal theater!” — Maura Judkis

View Photo Gallery: This year’s festival offers another grab bag of DIY theater — from clowns to cabarets to steampunk ballets.

“The Freshman 15/Life in Transition” : “Cliches about party schools and the college “bubble” abound. Stereotypes are trotted out — vegans go to Oberlin! Undergrads wear North Face fleeces! JMUgirls are “blond and pretty . . . but, like, empty inside!”-- and are sent away unexamined. There are plenty of cheap swipes at the usual suspects (sorority girls, frat guys, wealthy students) and the predictable deification of others (students on scholarship, recent grads drowning in debt).” — Jessica Goldstein

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Via Twitter, some #fringereviews:

Didn’t laugh so hard that I cried during I <3 HUMMELS, but did shed a tear cuz I recalled breaking my Goebel Shetland pony. #fringereviews

— Rebecca J. Ritzel (@rjreporter) July 19, 2012

Imagination Meltdown Adventure - energetic and creative story-telling with a lot of goof, heart, talent, & puppets. SEE IT. #fringereviews

— Melissa Marie (@HmelMel) July 19, 2012

#fringereviews Antonin Artaud back from the Dead? Jesus Le Momo: Liz Salamon & cast re-animate the Surrealist Poet - who then reanimates us!

— r gart (@rgart1) July 18, 2012

Puppet cinema really? Really. Planet Egg is inventive, thrilling, & adorably genius. Nerd paradise for an hour. #FringeReviews #CapFringe12

— Joanna Castle Miller (@jocastlemiller) July 18, 2012