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“I <3 [Heart] Hummels” : “Like the best quirky comedies of this ilk, “I <3 Hummels” is about something bigger than six-inch statues. It’s about deal breakers and how sometimes the things we think will smash a relationship aren’t the hammers we expect. (Yes, expect sound effects of shattered porcelain.)” — Rebecca Ritzel

View Photo Gallery: This year’s festival offers another grab bag of DIY theater — from clowns to cabarets to steampunk ballets.

“All-Nude College-Girl Revue or Why I Can't Pass the Vetting” : “She appears to want to shock audience members with her lurid tales of multiple arrests, heroin-induced vomiting and post-collegiate stripping. And yet, none of the anecdotes is nearly as titillating as the middle-aged blonde in a sparkly black dress seems to think.” — Stephanie Merry

“The Hair Chronicles” : “Whether to straighten, go natural, braid, weave or hot comb — such seemingly mundane choices reveal cultural and racial points of pride and even shame that gradually give the young women a portal into their academic assignment -- the social psychology of hair.” — Erin Williams

Erin Williams also interviewed Arthur Luby, the playwright behind “Paul Gonsalves On the Road,” a play about a longtime Duke Ellington band member. Wrote Williams:

Arguably the most notable solo of Gonsalves’ career was performed at the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival, where he played “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue,” a solo that created so much buzz that it reenergized Ellington’s career and was a bookmark moment for Gonsalves.

“Ellington used to say he was reborn at Newport in 1956,” said Luby. “There was a very interesting and unusual mixture of gratitude and frustration from Ellington’s perspective. He understood the major role that Gonsalves played in resurrecting the reputation and popularity of the band through that solo.”

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Via Twitter, some #fringereviews:

Dr science: no one told me there was a puppet! These should not be surprises! It was clever, but, god I hate puppets. #capfringe12

— aubrilee (@aubrilee) July 20, 2012

(On “Dr. Science's Science Time Science-va-ganza!”)

Anecdotes needed tightening, but MY PRINCESS BRIDE was like reuniting with a HS friend. Fantastic over-analyzation. ROUSes. #fringereviews

— Danielle Mohlman (@DanielleMohlman) July 20, 2012

If Zelda is crazy I don’t want to be sane. Too small a crowd for Gibson’s big performance as Mrs. Fitzgerald. #FringeReviews #CapFringe12

— Joanna Castle Miller (@jocastlemiller) July 19, 2012

(On “The Last Flapper”)

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