After hearing about Massoud Adibpour’s campaign to spread happiness through D.C. with motivational signs, many readers’ reactions were: Sign me up.

Adibpour won over commuters, psychologists and subscribers with his simple signs with happy sayings. To keep the good cheer going, we’ve provided a few of them for you to download, below. Adibpour recommends that you post them in your cubicle or your office break room to send an uplifting message to coworkers and visitors.

View Photo Gallery: Massoud Adibpour has been posting signs around the city encouraging Washingtonians to smile and think about their loved ones.

But first, a few notes from readers who responded to the story. A few people wrote in to share other encounters with one-man pep squads across the country:

• Mike Gary shared the story of Johnny Barnes, the self-proclaimed “Happiest Man in Bermuda,” who has spent 25 years greeting commuters and visitors and blowing kisses.

• Larry Batstone wrote in to tell us that his son, Brad, is the co-founder of U R Awesome in Miami. With two other young men, Brad gives away free hugs, as well as clothing for the needy.

• Tom Amello recalled a Charles Kuralt “On the Road” segment featuring a retiree who stood outside his home to wave to drivers with bright-colored gloves. That man was Joseph Charles of Berkeley, Calif., who was known as the “Waving Man.” He died in 2002.

• And finally, Georgina Yeomans told us about a man who makes her smile — one of the men who hands out newspapers every day at the Clarendon Metro, who tells everyone, “It’s so good to see you again!” “It made my morning every day while I was working downtown,” wrote Yeomans.

Know of any other people spreading happiness in D.C. or elsewhere? Tell us in the comments. Read about Adibpour’s signs here, and feel free to download them and post them in your office through the Scribd PDFs below (click through the link at the top of the viewer to download). If you’re interested in joining Adibpour’s crusade, you can email him at And have a nice Tuesday.