Twitter flared up again Wednesday with speculation about the health of Chuck Brown, but the 75-year-old Washington music legend’s manager Tom Goldfogle tells the Post the that it is “just rumors.”

Portrait of Chuck Brown on October 4, 2009. (Marvin Joseph/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Cherita Whiting, Brown's daughter, said in an interview that her father is doing well. She did not disclose any specific information about his health.

"It's nothing life-threatening. He's just getting some much-needed rest," said Whiting.

To the public, she said, "Please stop the rumors. I just wish people would put themselves in our shoes...With social  media, stuff spreads so fast and it's not right."

But she added that the family appreciates well-wishers. "Get ready for him when he hits the stage again," Whiting said.

Last week, Goldfogle told the Post that Brown had been hospitalized, but both he and the family have been silent on Brown’s condition.

Chuck Brown is alive and doing a lot better. Stop the Rumors

— Anwan Big G Glover (@AnwanBigGGlover) May 2, 2012

RT @abc7dan: Despite Twitter rumors of his passing, family members of #ChuckBrown confirm to @ABC7Sam that he is alive.

— ABC7News (@ABC7News) May 2, 2012