The coolest new music blog renders your favorite albums in the most uncool way imaginable: In clip art straight out of the ’90s, with the designer-reviled font Comic Sans. Want to see what some of the most iconic albums covers in history would look like if they were designed on Microsoft Office in 1994?

See the original “Aladdin Sane” cover. (Courtesy of Clipart Covers)

Clipart Covers is a Tumblr that celebrates good design by indulging in some wretched design. Reducing all of the albums to a few drag-and-drop clip art elements, the artist behind the blog, Martha Casey, offers up kitsch galore. Casey, from Brighton, England, said she got the idea for the blog from the newsletter, and experimented with a few covers on Twitter, before creating her Tumblr.

Clipart Covers goes after the iconic Velvet Underground “banana” cover by Andy Warhol, which is the subject of a lawsuit against the Warhol Foundation. (Courtesy of Clipart Covers)

Most of all, Clipart Covers is the backlash to the backlash against Comic Sans, one of the most reviled fonts. The font has inspired declarations that the font should be banned, rehabilitation for Comic Sans criminals, and a widely-circulated, foul-mouthed rant on McSweeney’s. Clipart Covers’ use of the font is tongue-in-cheek, but could it restore the reputation of Comic Sans? Probably not — but it makes Joni Mitchell look a little less “Blue.”

Original “Blue” cover here. (Courtesy of Clipart Covers)

Original “Let It Bleed” cover here. (Courtesy of Clipart Covers)