Rehearsal image from Woolly Mammoth Theatre's "Clybourne Park." Shown here: Cody Nickell, Kimberly Gilbert (background), Jennifer Mendenhall, Jefferson A. Russell, and Dawn Ursula. (Stan Barouh)

“Clybourne Park” was a success the first time it was presented at Woolly Mammoth, in 2010, but the play’s second turn on the stage has broken company records to become the highest-grossing show in the theater’s 32-year history. Expect remount fever, which Nelson Pressly wrote about earlier this summer, to spread: Arena Stage’s “Oklahoma!” remount is expected to become the best-selling show in that company’s history as well.

According to Woolly Mammoth:

The production has officially broken three Woolly sales records, including highest daily sales, number of tickets sold in one day (on Thursday, July 28, 2011), and highest grossing production. In addition, Clybourne Park broke its previous daily sales record four times over the course of the run.

Clybourne Park had a 37% increase over the previous record-holder for highest number of tickets sold in one day, which was set by A Girl’s Guide to Washington Politics on December 8, 2010.

Peter Marks reviewed the remount of “Clybourne Park” in July. The Washington Post also featured technical director Paul Bradley for his role in constructing one of the largest sets the theater has ever contained. Last year, Lavanya Ramanathan interviewed playwright Bruce Norris, who said of his controversial play, “I enjoy a good argument, probably more than anything else ... One of the best ways to get people to argue is to delve into a controversial subject."

How will other remounts fare? Check out Marks’ review of the remounted “Oklahoma,” and Pressley’s review of Constellation Theatre’s “The Ramayana,” which returns to the theater through Aug. 21.