It may have only been a few minutes, but it probably felt like an eternity for a miserable CNN homepage web producer. That’s how long an inaccurate headline remained on CNN’s site Thursday after the Supreme Court health-care ruling, which resulted in a pretty big goof from the network: It declared “Mandate struck down” on the web and on the air, until the truth — that the law was upheld — emerged.

But not before thousands of smart-alecks on Twitter took screenshots of the bad headline, making their own 21st-century version of “Dewey Defeats Truman.” CNN later issued a correction in bold letters across the top of its site, stating that the Court backed all parts of President Obama’s signature health-care law.

JUNE 28 - A screengrab from The network erroneously reported that the Supreme Court had struck down the individual mandate for health-care. (CNN) (CNN/CNN)

The error was just another example of the perils of the 24-hour news cycle, and the drive to be first. CNN anchors later said on the air that the bill was “confusing,” as they spent more time parsing it out. That didn’t stop social media users from going for the jugular, as they lambasted the network’s carelessness. After the health-care ruling, everyone with a Twitter account became a media critic.

FILE - In this Nov. 4, 1948, file photo, President Harry S. Truman holds up an election day edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune, which, based on early results, mistakenly announced "Dewey Defeats Truman." (BYRON ROLLINS/AP)

I need a photoshop of Obama holding the CNN screenshot a la Dewey Defeats Truman.

— Alyssa Warrick (@WeezieWeaver) June 28, 2012

Hey, #CNN: I’ve saved a screenshot. #slowclap

— Tom Darby (@magicChopstick) June 28, 2012

How do. I screenshot on pc? I want to capture the delicious CNN fail forever.

— Matthew Doster (@mtdosterly) June 28, 2012

Chapter in future journo txtbooks “@Poynter: Screenshot: CNN breaking news banner says individual mandate struck down

— Karis Hustad (@greekforgrace) June 28, 2012

I really hope someone got a screenshot of that CNN homepage. Dewey defeats Truman of today

— Jena McGregor (@jenamcgregor) June 28, 2012

Update 11:30 a.m.: Within an hour, the ruling has birthed a gif reaction blog: “When SCOTUS upheld Obamacare.

Also, #CNNheadlines has become a running joke on Twitter, with users tweeting imaginary inaccurate headlines from the network.

Ann Curry Is Staying At The Today Show FOREVER! #CNNHeadlines

— Rachel Hastings (@rachelhastings) June 28, 2012

Update 11:40 a.m.: As predicted, the Internet has delivered a photoshop of Obama and CNN doing the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman” pose. (via @garyhe, click through for larger image)

Update 12 p.m.: Here’s a link to CNN’s statement about their correction. Here’s a link to an Affordable Care Act LOLcat blog.

Update Friday, June 29: Chief Justice John Roberts “#YOLO.” (Need an explainer of #YOLO? Click here.)